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    Detur Holding Ltd. incorporates all the group companies under its umbrella. The company is registered in Malta, under the Companies Act, Cap. 386 of the Laws of Malta and its principal activities are to finance, acquire, participate in, manage, and take an interest in other companies and enterprises, all for the purpose of expanding the brand.
    The Detur Group Companies are: Detur Holding Ltd., Detur Operations Ltd., Detur Finland O.Y., Detur Sweden AB, Detur Denmark ApS, Detur Norway AS and Tatil Seyahat Turizm A.Ş.

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    Rokna Apartments Flat 1/B, Qui-Si-Sana Place Sliema SLM 3110 Malta
    Phone: +356 21 37 55 55
    E-mail: info@deturgroup.com 
    Web Site: www.deturgroup.com